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My first collaboration with fellow Appsterdammer Samuel of Roundwall Software on a practical iOS app for (aspiring) musicians

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The path to improving as a musician is riddled with many obstacles: You may not always have the time or an instrument at hand to practice. Or you might not be able to afford a teacher, who can explain all that head-melting theory to you in plain English.

Luckily for you, there are inexpensive ways you can improve, even on the go. Enter Semitones.

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With Semitones you can practice telling musical intervals apart in a quiz-like fashion and at your own pace.

There are still some ideas floating around our heads for features we'd like to see implemented. For now it does intervals and chords and should provide you with enough material to get started on the path to become a better musician. Good luck!

The app's look and feel was in equal measures inspired by our mutual love for 60s era Fender guitars and cheesy sheet music booklet editorial design.

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The obligatory tortoise shell background was created via algorithm, no animals were harmed in the process

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Ideas on how to visualise performance