Schroedel Grundkurs Kunst

Schroedel Icon

Schroedel approached me to develop a suite of e-learning applications to go with the reissue of their flagship textbook "Grundkurs Kunst 1" (Introduction to Art Volume 1)

The basic premise: Buying a fresh copy will grant you unlimited access to a portal, where the subject matter can be revisited in a variety of new media.

To bring the content to life, the portal was to use modern web technologies in order to account for the rise of tablet computers in classrooms across the nation. This, together with the fact that the books are intended for an audience of young adults (year 12-13) made for an interesting challenge.

The eleven exercises call for a breadth of interactions, that go from simple image viewing, to flicking through slides, to creating frame by frame animations, to tagging elements on a faux-3D version of the Isenheim Altarpiece.

With the remaining three volumes of the series on the horizon I decided to write my own JavaScript framework, which would enable even non-technical people to author their own contributions with a rudimentary knowledge of HTML.

My sole graphical contributions were to the "Colour Theories" module.

Küpper colour model

Interactive colour model after Harald Küpper. Colour banding brought to you by GIF

Küpper painting tool

Having fun with Küpper and Processing