SchoolCast Mobile Solutions

River Haven Demo Schools Icon

So far I've designed 90+ versions of this app and counting

SchoolCast is a mobile app platform, designed to make it a breeze for school employees to push alerts to their students' devices. The content of these alerts may range from changes in their meal plans, over announcements of upcoming events to actual emergency notifications and more.

River Haven Demo Schools App

It's unlikely one would encounter a pure SchoolCast app in the wild though. Each interested party gets a custom app, assembled from the bones of the base app (single codebase!), complete with colour palette and branding. It was my job, among others, to ensure this flexibility when designing the overall templates.

And it doesn't end there. The base functionality has value for other communities as well, so SchoolCast is only on part of a bigger family of apps.

SchoolCast for Me and ChurchCast Apps

SchoolCast apps (top row), ChurchCast app (bottom row)

Icon Set for SchoolCast for Me

A selection of the in-app icons I designed

My guiding principles for making the app customisable were:

High Ground Solutions are already starting to rely less and less on my input. For iOS builds at least, the static launch images will go away completely.

SchoolCast VS ChurchCast comparison

SchoolCast launch image (left) and ChurchCast launch image (right)

Mobile Command Center

The Mobile Command Center series of apps is used to create the alerts

So, to say I designed about 90+ apps of this ilk was - technically - not an exaggeration! If anything, this project has been an exercise in Sketch file and JIRA management.