Pixelblot Icon

A little idea I had for a low-resolution rohrschach blotter, which would double as an excuse to learn more about shaders & WebGL

I don't remember exactly when this idea came about, but I still remember what produced it: I had only just discovered Ted Martens's interactive Pixel Fireplace and was in love with its aesthetic.

Convinced that its visuals weren't painstakingly drawn by hand, but rather created using some clever graphics programming, I decided it was about time I delved deeper into shaders. Well, now I live to tell the tale of how it's probably not a good idea to pick a fluid simulation as your first foray into shader programming. Especially not on a deadline..

Looking to create something simple, which would be semi-useful and yielded interesting results, I ended on a pixelated rohrschach test. After literal years of contemplation, I have finally found the time to work on it.

Pixelblot Interface

Still a work-in-progress, but the bare minimum of functionality I envisioned is there

Try it out for yourself


Instant classic: 'Moustached Duck Whale' blotting

Pixelblotting 2

Another instant classic: 'Stoner Cyclops With A Goatee' blotting