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I made choosing the right tool for the job a little less terrifying and a pleasure to use on both, Android and iOS

Hazard suit manufacturer Kappler hired me by proxy to go over their mobile apps to see if I couldn't brighten them up a little. They started out pretty gloomy and as seemingly never-ending questionnaires.

The questionnaire is an integral part to the HazMatch selection guide. Completing it to the best of your knowledge would return a recommendation of suits shielding you from potential harm.

HazMatch Throwback

Your intentions may be pure, yet your users don't want to be constantly reminded of the possibility of death

The first step towards a friendlier experience was to ban all disturbing imagery from the app. That includes all textures of an industrial nature, photographs of people wearing their products, of alerting signage and everything below a certain brightness threshold (begone, murky gradients!).

HazMatch Refresh

I would keep all the hand-drawn suits and use their outline for the new product images and in a few other places where appropriate.

Another choice I introduced was to take the questionnaire and split it up into several screens. This creates enough room to scale up all the inputs, which will make taking the assessment a walk in the park. Add an assessment history et voilĂ , you have a fun app on your hands.

Kappler Screenshots

Kappler iPad Screenshot

Adaptive version of the revised questionnaire running in a modal on iPad