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Deep inside every young adult who's been exposed to a fair share of interactive entertainment at an early stage in his or her life, there lies this burning desire to create their own videogames.

With my studies slowly coming to a close, I had some time on my hands to think about what I should call my venture when presenting my ludic creations to the world. The name for this creative outlet turned out to be hanebouken.

A portmanteau of the German word "haneb├╝chen" (colloquial for "fairly hard to believe / questionable", actually has its origin in a story involving a tree) and "hadouken", which stands symbolic for a youth wasted trying to beat my friend Kevin at Street Fighter II.

Hanebouken Logo

The near skin tone for the trunk, as well as the bleached green were admittedly chosen for their trendiness back in 2013

Eventually reality kicked in. My gang of usual suspect collaborators suddenly had busy schedules and I wasn't feeling brave enough to go full indie yet. So the whole thing was put on hold, however, not indefinitely.

Hanebouken Header

To this day, there is only little to show for: A tumblr theme, a couple of game jam submissions and multiple abandoned game ( / engine) projects.

As long as it brings me joy to look back at this wacky brand I shall not admit defeat though. You will get to playtest the fruits of our labour eventually, of that I am certain!