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Uncork it, watch it do its thing, pour it out and marvel at its contents

When thinking back about my time at university, the one project that stands out as the most rewarding, was not the one I put the most lines of code or tears in, but the final group effort of Saul Hardman, James King, Ben Ashman and myself for our IoT module: Flask.

Watch the video demonstration

Prototyping Flask

The jinn trapped inside the bottle was comprised of a battery-powered Arduino Uno, a couple of LED strands and a gyroscope

We thought, that by making the bottle aware of its location it would make for a great way of visualising discussions at conferences.

Our prototype would pick up - but was not limited to - tweets and instagrams. Why not pour yourself a whole newsfeed for breakfast?

My main contribution was the dripping visualisation. Originally envisioned as a breath-taking fluid simulation spectacle, it was eventually simplified enough to be able to run in the browser.

Flask Postvis

Flask Postvisualisation